Filtration Centrifuge Machine

Filtration Centrifuge

We are fabricating Filtration Centrifuge for the use in diverse industries to provide high dewatering rates. The machine can process highly compressible material to give consistent quality batches. Our finest range of Filtration Centrifuge comes in higher functional capacities at lower energy costs. The high yielding rates and shorter cycle of production has increased the value of our product in diverse industries worldwide.

The other features of our machine are listed below:
• MOC - SS304 / SS316L+ / Anti Static Halar / SS904 / Hastyallar / C-22 / C-276.
• Allow faster dewatering time
• Allows no residual heel
• Complete cake discharge
• Completely electrically driven
• Efficient filtration process
• Excellent performance
• Less vibration
• Optimum efficiency in washing
• Optimum productivity rates
• Versatile machine interface