Multi Point Full Body Bottom Cake Discharge

Multi Point Full Body Bottom Cake Discharge

The Pharma and Fine Chemicals Manufacturing sectors have to face the challenge of impurities below PPM (parts per million) levels. A clean centrifuge is a must. ACE offers full dome opening machines in its entire range of basket sizes. The simplicity of the Bottom Discharge arrangement is also taken care of. The multi-point full body bottom cake discharges without sweepers, the hydraulic scrapper, the cake sensor, the zero speed interlock, the safety switches, the anti vibration tripper, the DIN pressure test for air-tight operation, nitrogen purging with oxygen analyser, the GMP version, are all a part of the ACE BOTTOM DISCHARGE CENTRIFUGE. The dimensions of the machine and the headroom for basket sizes of 24° dia. to 72" dia. are given below:

Technical Specifications

The Process

a) Feeding: The slurry has to be charged through the feed pipe. The cake should develop uniformly inside the basket. The basket speed is almost half of the full speed. Care is taken with feed valve to control the flow rate of feed to ensure complete filtrate discharge. The collapsible filter cloth holding rings are provided to prevent cake carry over with liquid.

b) Cake Sensor: The cake sensor gives the indication of cake filling up to the basket rim. The feed most be stopped if hooter sound of cake sensor is heard. The Feed Solenoid valve can be closed with PLC and cake sensor.

c) Washing & Spinning: We provide special up and down moving efficient wash nozzles. The cake should be washed free from impurities at a little higher speed than the feed speed. When wash discharge is free from impurities, the basket speed is raised to the maximum. The drying of cake is maximum due to maximum basket speed.

d) Dynamic Braking: It is achieved by pressing of the STOP button of the control panel. The basket comes to a stand still within 200 seconds.

e) Scrapping: The basket is run at a minimum possible speed. The hydraulic power pack is switched on. The scrapper is rotated around the scrapper shaft. The cake is cut and discharged through full body discharge -opening provided below the body. Cake butterfly valve is bolted below the body to prevent liquid from entering cake holding tank due to malfunction. The scrapping takes about 30 minutes.

f) Heel Removal: The gas pressure is applied on the jet nozzles provided outside the basket. The basket is run at a SLOW SPEED with scrapper in cut position. The jet pressure dislodges the last layer of cake.

g) Dome Opening: The Scrapper is taken back to neutral position. The dynamic brake is applied to bring the basket to a stand still. The dome LBD locks are released. The dome is opened with HYDRAULIC Power pack lever. The cleaning of the body is easily done.