Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

A Fluid Bed Dryer is designed for fast and uniform drying of powders, crystals and medium sized pellets. The Fluid Bed Dryer finds application in Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Dyes & Chemicals, Phyto-Chemicals, Catalysts, Food Products & Starch derivatives, Pesticides etc.

Fresh air is drawn in by means of a fan. The air is then passed through a filter and heated to produce warm air by use of electric heaters. If the product contains a solvent or inflammable substances, the dryer must be operated using steam and provided with a flame-proof motor. The heated air passes through the product container which has diffuser plates and a sieve. Due to the stream of air, the wet product gets fluidised. The material gets surrounded by the hot air and gets dried due to heat transfer. Moist air passes through a filter bag and an exhaust duct. The Fluid Bed Dryer is not suitable for drying of liquids or pastes.

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• Sturdy construction
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation and low power consumption

Further Details :
• Trolley system provided with the machine is SS-316 constructed
• Supported by automation and PLC control
• Provided with expansion chamber that feature the guide support
• Lifting jack, which is housed in an inlet lower chamber, is made of Stainless Steel

Working Principle:
• The dryer suck the atmospheric air via micron filter and balanced fan driver
• Provide clean air passes over electric heaters/ steam
• By the process of fluidization, the hot air passes through the product
• The dryer is provided with dehumidifier support
• The blower speed is controlled through an AC frequency drive that assists in controlling fluidization and avoids the choking of filter bag
• To avoid lump formation in a container and achieve uniform fluidization, the ranking system is provided

Advantages :
In a Fluid Bed Dryer, the temperature is distributed uniformly throughout the product and the heat rate is very high. High production rates are achieved because of reduced drying time. As the product is in close contact with the drying air at a low temperature and for a short duration, the physical and chemical properties of the product are not affected generally and hence the dryer can be effectively used in the case of heat-sensitive products. As the product is continuously moving during the drying process, there is minimal lump formation or case hardening.